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An actual goals among such activity fields of ZAO «Mnogotselevie bespilotnie compleksi» as the UAV projecting and constructing is a development and implementation of complex technological solutions in various sectors of a national economy. This system contains not only an image selection, extracting and processing but its deep automated data analysis also. A photogrammetric data processing is executed using the latest equipment and software.

Enactment of the Federal Law of Russian Federation “About the public register of real property” and “About navigation”, Russian Federation Townplannig Code had increased an interest to Remote Land Zoning Technologies. The Aero-monitoring makes a real property inventory and cadastral survey processing easier. It also helps in a townplanning providing map actuality, its obviousness and an analyzing and projecting possibility.

The actual and correct land map is one of the most important part of navigation systems working. Absence of it is a circumstance that reduces navigation systems industry growing.

Our company renders an Aero-monitoring service using UAV “Ocelot” and “Cougar” at any time of the day.

It can be used for:

  • observing such linear objects as an oil or natural gas pipeline, and detecting accidents, unendorsed win and pollution cases etc;

  • road traffic calculation, taking photos of the roads to make a land map with precise coordinates;

  • detecting unapproved roads, road surface temperature measurement for road icing level identification;

  • checking forest for fires, forest devastations, landfills;

  • detecting building sites and unsanctioned constructions, field inspection with controlling for the value of earth mass shifting;

  • close-look photography of large areas to including this data in a geographic informational system;

  • sighting insulation defects, electric circuit disconnexions and openings, detecting cases of unsanctioned outtake of power from power grids;

  • carrying out other ordered tasks.

The company also sells UAV “Ocelot” and “Cougar” to a client or its security firm for carrying monitorings out themselves with a stuff training program and warranty and after-warranty service.

All UAV designs, engineerings and software is exploited by our technicians. That’s why we provides close communication with the client and ongoing support.

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